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  • Expert examination of technical condition

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We organized our work so that our customers would not pay anything for the service. We make profits at the stage of buying a car, we don't add a mark-up on the car for our customers. Simply put, if you buy a car from "Premium", "Sport" or "Luxury" class, you pay only for its value and there is 0% of commission for our assistance.

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We will find you a luxury car of any top brand, taking into account all your wishes and your budget, with the full service history of the car.

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We properly inspect cars before offering them to customers, and compile a detailed service history of each car. You will know about everything that happened to your luxury car before it will become fully yours!

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Our mission is not only to find the right car for the customer. We carefully inspect the chosen car, taking care of all the obligations for its repair and its luxury pre-sale preparation, if necessary. To make it possible for you to get the luxury car of your dreams, we do the following:

  • We find the model that you need.

  • We carefully check its service history.

  • We carry out diagnostics of all systems of a car.

  • We provide a proper technical condition.

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We will buy the car back in 30 minutes if necessary

If you get tired of a luxury car that you've purchased with our help, we are ready to buy it back at an honest market price that is profitable to you.

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How long it is since you've been dreaming to possess a "Luxury", "Sports" or "Premium" class cars? - We are ready to fulfill your life-long dream!

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Luxury Cars Hong Kong is a company specializing in supplying luxury cars of premium, luxury and sport class to its clients on the most beneficial terms. We take care of all the efforts to find and select the right model of a car, compile a complete service history, prepare it for further operation, and also for the closure of a deal.

In our team consist of not just experts of a luxury car market, but real enthusiasts who love luxury cars as passionately as you do, and put their heart into work.

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